Hiking the Big Bend in Early Spring–Click on Image to View Gallery

Last weekend we visited Big Bend National Park. This was our fourth visit in five years. Here is a sample of some of the landscapes we encountered, most of land but a few of sky. We saw both winter and spring on our short trip, from snow to freezing fog to ceaseless sun to cirrus and alto cumulus clouds.

Most of these photos were taken with my trusty Canon DSLR that has served me well now through hundreds of journeys to many natural landscapes over the past few years. A few were taken with a new high-end non-DSLR Lumix that I got as a present for Christmas.

This is my first post in a long time, but our travels have been limited this winter and I’ve had other projects that have distracted me for much of the past few months. Now that spring is here, you will probably see more posts in the coming months!

4 thoughts on “Hiking the Big Bend in Early Spring–Click on Image to View Gallery

      • Thanks! I’m just now getting into photography and trying to step up my game a bit:) Which Lumix model did you use for some of those shots?

      • The Lumix is a DMC-FZ200. The Canon is an older model Rebel DSLR. The Lumix is very good for a non-DSLR and has a great zoom, but still can’t quite match the shots I get with my Canon, especially for landscapes. But if you’re still new to photography, it’s probably a great camera to start with. You can still go manual or you can choose to let the camera expose and focus for you until you get the hang of doing it yourself. The video is very good quality. It’s a great all-around camera and does a decent job with just about everything–macro, landscape, zoom (wildlife), even astronomy. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a high-end point and shoot before working your way up to a DSLR.

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