Sunset Spectacular: Series

Sunset Series Apr 2014 1b-small

Well, it’s spring. And if you live where I do, that means wind—and DUST. Have I mentioned that I hate dust? There’s an overabundance of it this year, thanks to the long-term drought we’re experiencing in the region. I’m ready for some rain to put all this dust to rest, but I’m not holding on to a lot of hope right now.

BUT…one nice thing about dust is that it does contribute to our fantastic sunsets here. This week has provided a bounty of wonderfully colorful evenings. Each one of these sunset photos is from a different night, taken from around the same point of view. I was in a basement at a church during the sunset on the 3rd, so I completely missed that one. For all I know, it equaled these other evenings in spectacle. (I like to think it did, just to keep the trend unbroken!)

The final picture was taken on the evening of the 4th (along with the picture on its left), but it shows an interesting and fairly uncommon cloud formation: Kelvin-Helmoltz wave clouds. Its accompanying sunset photo, to me, looks a bit like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. What do you think it looks like?

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