Yes, there are two cats in this photo…

Castor and Pollux Cuddling

This is Castor and Pollux. They are twin brothers (“Gemini”), and they resemble each other so closely that it’s hard to tell them apart when they are locked in an embrace like this. But take my word for it–they are not Siamese twins, just two brothers who on occasion really show their love for each other. (Especially when it’s cold, but we can pretend it’s got nothing to do with keeping warm, right?)

Though they look very similar, one has a tail and one does not (Manx). The two of them have been featured here before, but not for a while. Here you can learn a little about some of the issues Pollux (the Manx) has had due to his lack of tail (“Manx Syndrome”). And here you can see an awesome x-ray of him.

2 thoughts on “Yes, there are two cats in this photo…

    • Thanks! They are seven years old. Pollux (the Manx) was born without a tail. Their mother also didn’t have a tail. Manxes can give birth to cats with and without tails (and everything in between.) It’s originally a genetic defect, but people liked it, so they bred them to keep the trait going.

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