Storyboard: The lonely peacock who lost his color (three images)

Little Falls Zoo albino peacock

“Hey ladies! Hey, hey! Yeah, over here! Look at my beautiful feathers! Don’t you love how they shine? Hey! Why aren’t you looking?!”

Little Falls Zoo peahens

“Martha, did you hear something?”

“Yeah. Just ignore it. It’s just Gerard again, going off about how wonderful he is.”

“Doesn’t he understand, we’re just not that into him?”

“Poor thing. I just don’t have the heart to tell him that ever since he kissed that frog, the water stole his rainbow. Never trust a kissing frog, I say. Oh, well. He always gets first dibs on all the good corn anyway. He’ll get over it.”

Little Falls Zoo albino peacock 2

“Man, what do I have to do to get the ladies’ attention around here? Why don’t they see my real color? Sigh. I guess I’ll never have a girlfriend.”

This pretty well sums up the real-life saga of the albino peacock we observed recently at a zoo. He saw the group of peahens and offered them everything he had. They didn’t ever turn their heads, considering there were no iridescent feathers on his plume to glitter in the daylight and catch their eyes. The peahens continued to eat their meal, to the dismay of the peacock, who after a few minutes of showboating turned his tail feathers down and looked off at the females in what seemed like disappointed surprise. Will anyone ever appreciate him for his own unique beauty?

Photos edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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