How the West was Pollinated

Caprock Canyons Bee and Flowers 130512-1a-small

The drought (and a number of late freezes) have kept the wildflowers underground this spring in the area near our home. Not far away, however, where nature has been a little more generous, wildflowers are abundant. This pair was captured (photographically) on the same hike as this image.

Bees and butterflies of diverse species were busy doing their part to distribute the pollen from these many wildflowers, and I always enjoy watching them work, knowing the importance of their industry. These bright, busy scenes are not here merely for our pleasure; they also serve a great purpose: pollination. The pollinators get food they need to live, the flowers are fertilized to help ensure future flowers for us to enjoy, and we get food for out tables. It is no exaggeration to say this is the web of life in miniature. I am always thankful when I have the chance to see it first-hand, even when it’s as close as my backyard garden.

Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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