Spring, If You Look Hard Enough

Caprock Canyons Butterfly and Flowers 130512-1a-small

If you were wondering, I am still here. I’ve been editing photos between other projects, but I just haven’t been posting them. I will probably be making up for lost time very soon.

We can’t seem to break away from the drought here on flatlands. It wearies the soul to see life—not triumphing as you expect during its monumental comeback after winter—but eking out a meager living on rare rains and waters from the tap instead of flourishing under the typical April-May deluges.

On the other hand, as you drop down below the Caprock, there is a bit of a spring oasis still to be found. It will probably be ephemeral, and we have to enjoy it while we have the chance.

We went hiking this weekend at Caprock Canyons State Park, one such place where spring has managed to make its appearance. Not only was there green grass (and green mesquite), there were green leaves adorning wildflowers of every color, attracting to their petals every color of butterfly. It was a welcome contrast to the brown and yellow grasses we’ve come to get used to here. I snapped a few picturess of the red rocks that adorn the park, but the photos of the living things have attracted my attention much more. Here is one such example.

Edited, as usual, in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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