Wildlife: A Taste of Utah

Here is a (very small) sample of the wildlife we encountered during our recent Utah trip. Needless to say, national parks are some of the best stopovers if you’re interested in seeing species more diverse than humans, dogs, cats, and other domesticated critters.

The mountain goats were definitely the most interesting to observe of all the wild creatures we encountered; the pictures of them also demonstrate my obvious need for a camera/lens upgrade. My camera doesn’t do well in low light, and my only telephoto lens isn’t really that “telephoto”; it’s shaky and blurry when zoomed in more than 150mm or so.

Even though the pictures of the mountain goats aren’t great, at least they are good documentation of the animals’ behavior and environment. The “baby” mountain goats were the most fun to observe, as they’re still learning the ropes. But even they’re impressive when climbing up and down steep rock faces—I am certainly jealous of their poise and sense of balance! We watching them feeding in the waning light after sunset for a while, and we weren’t disappointed.

All photos edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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