Horseshoe Bend, Arizona: Panorama 1

Horseshoe Bend Panorama 5B-a-small

Click on the image to see detail!

The geology of the southwestern US offers no shortage of majestic views, and just traveling through provides you with ample opportunity to glimpse these amazing formations forged over millions of years (mostly by the power of water). This is a panorama of Horseshoe Bend, a canyon formed by the Colorado River not too far from where it enters the world-famous Grand Canyon. This was just a stop-over along the way to Utah for us, but it remains one of my favorite spots from the trip. It is outside of Page, Arizona, not far from the Utah border. For some perspective, the river is about 1,000 feet below where we were standing. (Those white “dots” are boats.)

This is a panorama stitched from a number of images, as it’s hard to capture the entire 270-degree bend in the river in a single 18mm photo. This is one of many panoramas I’ve created just from our wanderings along the top of the bend, so you might seem more of them posted here in the coming weeks.

If you get a chance to see this part of the country, I recommend stopping off here at Horseshoe Bend. In a word, it’s spectacular. But don’t take my word (or picture) for it—come see for yourselves.

Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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