Zion National Park: Bird’s Eye View 1

Canyon Overlook--End of the Road 1a-small

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I have recently returned from a visit to Utah and (a few of its many) natural wonders.

I’m slowly culling through the thousands of images and editing a selection of them while balancing other working projects. I wish I could spend all of my time just reminiscing about my time outdoors surrounded by such beauty, but unfortunately other duties require most of my time. Nonetheless, I wanted to start adding at least a few of the images as I’m building my collection.

I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite spot from the trip, as there were just too many spectacular places; it hardly seems just to choose only one or two as “must-sees.” Nonetheless, given my proclivity to climb and view the world from above, it’s no wonder that I do especially enjoy the photos I took while standing on such high vantage points.

This particular vantage point is from Zion National Park. We were lucky to see some interesting weather while visiting, including a lot of virga showers. The one pictured here was actually more of a storm, as there was the occasional rumble of thunder that accompanied the clouds. A few raindrops did reach the ground—my camera got a little wet to prove it. But I kept it out just to continue capturing all the twists and turns of wildlife and geology that appeared throughout the hike that led to this point, the end of Canyon Overview trail. Not only did the trail offer astounding views down one of Zion’s canyons, it also provided glimpses at some of the varied rock formations within the park, including these “pancake” rocks in the foreground.

Photo edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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