Happy Equinox! (Two Images)

Big Yellow Full

Big Yellow

In a littlunder twelve hours, the earth’s axis will be essentially parallel to the sun’s axis, marking the transition of yet another season. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, this is the vernal equinox, and (astronomical) spring will officially begin. This is exciting for me, because—like most people I know—I prefer the longer days of spring and summer. For those in the Southern Hemisphere—I’m sorry. Your days will now be shorter than your nights. 

In celebration of our hemisphere’s imminent spring, I thought it would be appropriate to post a flower. Our flowers are only just starting to “spring” here this year (unlike last year, when we got flowers blooming as early as January), so I will have to post a photo of a flower from my archives.

Both of these pictures are from the same photo: One showing the full plant, and another cropped version showing just the center of the three flowers. Both of them have a little creative editing, but the cropped one has had texture added. I personally prefer the cropped version. I like that it’s more abstract while at the same time offering more detail of the flowers themselves. Which do you prefer?

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