Heavenly Rays

Storm 110319-Crepuscular Rays

Heavenly rays of sun seem incongruous when they arise from a storm threatening wind, lightning, and hail—as this storm did. This is the early stages of a supercell thunderstorm, previously exhibited in this panorama, that was reported to have had a brief tornado. (Though we did not ourselves confirm that a tornado was ever on the ground.) These crepuscular rays (a slight misnomer, considering “crepuscular” means twilight, and this photo was taken at least an hour before sunset) add significant drama to the unfolding storm, putting on a spectacular show even before the storm was displaying its classic supercell structure.

I have discovered that when I dig into the archives, I most enjoy finding my storm chasing photos and breathing new life into them. I think that Lightroom has provided a huge step forward for me as far as helping me bring the true beauty of weather to life, allowing me to edit the photos to capture the essence of the real moment more than I could with Photoshop Elements alone. I hope you are enjoying viewing them as much as I am editing them!

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