Big Bend Panorama

South Rim Panorama 1B-a-small

*Click on photo to see details!*

The rugged, arid landscape of the desert is laid bare in this panorama from Big Bend National Park in Texas. Look deep along the horizon…That is Old Mexico you are peering into.

This is perhaps the quintessential view of Big Bend, as seen from the South Rim trail in the Chisos Mountains. According to our hiking guide, this is the trail that any Texas hiker worth his or her salt must set out to conquer. Well, I guess I’m now officially a true, blue-blood Texas hiker. In all honesty, however, as someone who cut her teeth climbing much higher and steeper mountains in Colorado, I hardly consider this accomplishment worthy of much ado. That’s not to say that it’s not very steep over much of its meandering distance,  and that after finishing thirteen miles of hiking that day that I wasn’t sore and that I didn’t acquire many blisters—blisters that have now turned into callouses on my own rugged feet. That is to say, it’s not a hike for the faint of heart, despite the fact we reached heights only slightly more than half of those of the higher peaks I’ve summited in Colorado.

We were lucky that we made the ascent on a relatively clear day; when my husband and I climbed Emory Peak (accessed along the same trail as this one) two years ago, there were wildfires nearby (especially across the border in Mexico) that rendered our pinnacle quite a bit less awe-inspiring than this one.

I’m not completely happy with this edit, though it took quite some effort. It’s a stitching of thirteen individual photos which required some editing of their own before I could combine them. In the process, some of the detail was lost. Nonetheless, if you click on the full image you can explore this extreme geography for yourself, investigating bumps, ridges, and canyons as you scour the landscape down through Mexico way. (And yes, that color change from yellow-orange to black as you look left to right is natural.)

Edits done in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

7 thoughts on “Big Bend Panorama

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  2. Hello there! I hope you this comment reaches you well.

    I am a designer and currently working on a website for a client in Texas and I needed a nice panoramic photo of the Big Bend. Upon Googling, I stumbled upon your site and I have to say, you did an amazing job capturing and stitching together the image! I wanted to inquire about possibly using your photo for the footer of the website, which will be treated with a colored overlay. Do you have any restrictions or licensing requirements?

    Thank you!

    • Hi! Sorry, I’m just seeing this message. Do you have an address where I could private message you? I’d be interested in learning more about the website where it’d be used and other details. Let me know if you’re still interested!

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