Skipping Stones

Santa Elena Canyon Skipping Rocks

Here is yet another photo capturing Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. Yes, that is what remains of the not-so-grand Rio Grande. Let the canyons beside stand as a reminder of the erosive power this river has yielded throughout the course of time.

Any time we are beside a body of water, my husband must nurture his inner child and skip stones. We have visited this particular canyon three times in the past three years, and he always has to “throw a rock to Mexico.” This latest visit was no exception. I use the opportunity to get “action” photos to augment the rather staid landscape otherwise. I haven’t delved too much into water motion photography, as others have, but I nonetheless appreciate the enjoyment of studying the character of water as it flows, drips, and splashes. In this particular image, you can see the stone make its fourth in a string of “skips” along the river, the immediate aftermath of the three earlier skips still written in the ripples of the water.

As usual, initial editing done in Lightroom with enhancements in Photoshop Elements.

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