Love in the Shadows along the Rio Grande

Love in the Shadows along the Rio Grande

My husband and I have just returned from a camping trip in Big Bend National Park, in far West Texas along the US-Mexico border. I am currently poring over more than 1000 photos I took during the trip, which I’m pretty sure is a testament to how far I still have to go to be a “real” photographer. (And how far we’ve come since the days of film photography where taking so many pictures wasn’t even conceivable.)

Nonetheless, this photo in particular stood out from the rest as something special. One of the challenges of landscape photography—and art, for that matter—is capturing something of the human aspect of how such majesty infects our souls. In a sheer moment of serendipity, I turned my camera on this couple embracing in the shadows of a canyon wall rising like a temple beside the “mighty” Rio Grande, the river that carves the border between Texas and Mexico. Because of incessant irrigation and long-standing drought, the river is not as grand as it once was. At this point, you could wade across the river with ease and enter a whole different country. Nonetheless, the surrounding canyon and nearby mountains still make this a grand place by anyone’s account, and it’s hard not to feel very humble in its presence.

There will likely be many more photos from this trip to come…Consider yourself warned! Edits done in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

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