Great Backyard Bird Count–2013

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Here is a small sample of the photos I took during this weekend’s Great Backyard Bird Count. (This is an annual event held every February in which citizen scientists venture out and count the birds in their “backyard”—both literally and figuratively.)

I also participated last year, and I think this year was a bit of a disappointment in comparison. I didn’t see nearly the variety of birds, and I only saw one species that I hadn’t last year. Nonetheless, the weather was perfect for birding and I had some success capturing these birds in their natural habitat (if an urban park really counts as “natural”).

Some have been treated with a more standard edit, while I got a little creative with a couple of them in order to add a little interest.

All were edited in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.


One thought on “Great Backyard Bird Count–2013

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