Supersized Supercell: Panorama


Here is another one from the archives: A giant supercell thunderstorm we watched evolve on a storm chasing trip a couple of years ago.

We didn’t have much of a severe weather season two years ago; we were in the midst of what would become the driest year ever for our area (well, in recorded history, anyway–a little over a hundred years, if you’re wondering). That didn’t mean that the atmosphere didn’t still have a few tricks for us up its sleeves, and this storm was one of the rare events of the season. This supercell storm reportedly produced a brief tornado, though we never personally confirmed any circulation on the ground. But the storm was nonetheless a monster, and a beauty to behold.

This is actually a panorama of three images combined and then edited. As usual, editing done in Lightroom and Photoshop Elements.

7 thoughts on “Supersized Supercell: Panorama

  1. Uh-AMAZING. Oh my, I would love to see something like this ( I mean without the storm hurting anybody ). Great photograph.

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