Tulip Ablaze

Tulip Macro 1a-small

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like I am, then you’re probably getting antsy for some warmer, spring weather. At minimum, I’m sure you’re ready for a little more of nature’s spectrum to color your gray world. I know I am.

As I go back through many of my older photos, editing ones I never got around to and trying to improve edits on others, I find myself feeling a bit anachronistic. Though it’s the dead of winter here, the grass is yellow and the flowers still dormant, I can’t help but feel spring is already here as I spend hours with photos of spring storms and newly blooming flowers.

This tulip blossomed in our yard last spring, before the drought wiped out much of nature’s brilliance. I remember crouching with my 50 mm lens—zoom adapter lens attached—and getting in close to get these macro images. These are some of my favorite photos to take, because they allow me to investigate a world not so easily seen with the eye alone.

In fact, if you examine the photo closely, you might see that the tulip is not the only living subject. Crawling on its pistil is what I believe is a tiny aphid. To give a sense of scale, this aphid is probably just a couple of millimeters long. I’ve included an enlargement of the little bugger for your closer inspection.

Tulip Macro--tiny bug-1a

As usual, initial editing done in Lightroom with some touches added in Photoshop Elements.

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