Tombstones–Remembering Death in the Desert

Big Bend Outlook 1d

Even the heartiest of earth’s creatures eventually succumb to the ceaseless rigors of living in the desert. But their lives, endured without abundance, are those particularly worth remembering.

Perhaps these upturned rocks in the desert of West Texas are nature’s way of marking the lives of those few species capable of withstanding—and especially those who find a way to thrive—in the land whose dust is stirred by the endless dance between drought and flood. These stone edifices no doubt have borne witness to the final resting places of many lizards, birds, and thorny plants who have lived in spite of their environment, not because of it.

I spent some time experimenting with different treatments for this photo. I included a couple here. Do you prefer one treatment over another? Though I like giving photos an aged look, it seemed particularly appropriate for this photo of the desert’s tombstones.

Big Bend Outlook 1a-small

2 thoughts on “Tombstones–Remembering Death in the Desert

  1. Both are very effective. The first one is eye catching & dramatic. The second one has a softer mood & nostalgic. 🙂

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