Boogie-Woogie Lightning Dance (Before and After)

Storm Chasing-Lightning 121012--rework-1a-small

I’ve been busy revisiting old photos, testing the limits of Lightroom and my own photo editing skills. If you’ve been following my blog long, you might remember that I posted a set of lightning pictures from a storm chase last fall. We had been following this particular storm for a few hours, and it did produce a brief tornado captured in another set of photos posted here. The storm lost intensity as the sun set, so I set up my tripod and captured lightning photos in the waxing darkness.

Well, I decided to take another swipe at editing one of my favorites from the lightning gallery. I feel like I was much more successful teasing out the details from what was a very dark straight-out-of-the-camera photo than I had been using Photoshop Elements alone, while still preserving some of the dark ominousness of the actual storm. What do you think?

I also decided to get a little creative with the photo and do a monochromatic sepia version of it:

Storm Chasing-Lightning 121012-Sepia 1a-small

I also added a little texture and “aged” it a bit in Photoshop Elements.

Do you prefer one over the other?

For reference, here is the original edit (using Photoshop Elements alone):

Storm Chasing-Lightning 121012-2a-small

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