Moons Big and Small

Moon and Jupiter 130121-1a

Look closely. You might think there’s only one moon visible in this photo, but there are, in fact, more.

That’s Jupiter in the upper right-hand corner. But if your eyes are sharp, you will see a couple of fainter glowing orbs in its vicinity: A small sampling of Jupiter’s own numerous moons.

One day I hope to have the money to invest in some better lenses for snapping astronomy photos. Nonetheless, I love being able to gaze through the one I have and glimpse distant worlds like these. I find comfort in knowing that there’s a vast universe far beyond my mundane cares and influence.

If it’s night where you are, I hope you’ll go out and take a look at the near-pairing of our moon and Jupiter. (If you’re not sure how to tell, Jupiter is by far the brightest object near the moon tonight. You can’t miss it.) And don’t miss the chance to say hi to Orion while you’re out there.

2 thoughts on “Moons Big and Small

  1. Awesome capture, it is just my goal to be able to take a picture of the moon and then one day stars with a camera ( the camera I have now won’t capture anything at night unfortunately ). Have a great week : )

    • Thanks!

      That’s a great goal to have! I hope you get to one day. It’s pretty amazing to be able to use a regular camera to gaze so far into space. I’d love one day to get a nice telescope and a camera to attach to it so I can really look deep. But for now, I’ll just have to be satisfied with the outstanding photographs that Hubble is supplying!

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