Cloudscape 1

I’m a mountain girl. I relish the moments when I look at the horizon and see snow-covered peaks; I dream about them even now, despite the fact I moved away from the mountains three years ago. The montane landscape is one that can add extra dimension not only to my physical surroundings, but also to my thoughts and to my imagination.

But sometimes, even more astounding “landscapes” are those we find in the skies above. These cloudscapes are in constant flux; there is a certain amount of serendipity that goes into discovering a special one, especially in our age in which we seldom go outside. And when we do, we are often so distracted by our phones, our steering wheels, and our shopping lists that we forget to “look up.” I know I do.

Next time you’re out, I challenge you to remember to take a look around, to see if you can discover a special dimension to your sky that you may have never seen before. I hope you will be glad you did.

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