A Dose of Pink to Cure those Winter Blues

Munsinger Garden Pink Flower 1e-small

It’s winter here. Cold, but no snow; a landscape outside the window (and inside the mind) of dull and gray. (Other than the dead, yellow grass, of course.)

Not much incentive to go outside and scour the parks and yards for little pieces of Mother Nature’s beauty. Instead, I’m scouring the archives for photographs which have never been retouched and those which call out for revisitation.

I visited a flower garden in Minnesota late last summer, but haven’t taken the time yet to do the photos justice. Here is one that caught my eye, and melted a little of the winter ice in my soul.

I hope it warms you, as well.

Primary editing done in Lightroom, with a light texture added to the background in Photoshop Elements.

2 thoughts on “A Dose of Pink to Cure those Winter Blues

    • Good question! And I wish I could answer it. There were hundreds of different flowers at the garden, and most weren’t labeled. So I’m really not sure what kind it is. I wonder if anyone else might help identify it?

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