Not Everything Falls

Not everything in autumn falls. Here in a drought-stricken land where summer can be the killer season, autumn is often a second spring. We’ve had wildflowers bloom, and the grass has gone from yellow to green. Birds and insects have flourished.

August is usually the month for dragonflies around here. This year they came a little later, and have endured the fall so far.

I was able to sneak up on this little lady as she took a break not far from one of the local watering holes. This was the only photo I was able to snap before she found another limb to rest her wings on.

Dragonflies are one of my favorite insects. Unfortunately, I don’t usually have great luck capturing them with my camera. (The only way I do try to capture them!) I’ve been luckier this year than in previous years, and on this outing I was actually able to get a few decent pictures of dragonflies. I especially like being able to photograph them when they’re still; I love to study the detail in the design on their wings.

This girl may not catch your eye with her bright colors, but I hope you find her as beautiful as I do nonetheless!

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