Nature’s Complements

I often get frustrated with my little point and shoot camera because of the lack of manual control and the relatively high noise of pictures with an ISO above 100. But other times I’m pretty impressed with what it can do.

For instance, it does macro pretty well. It allows me to get close to the subject—much closer than I can get with a 50mm lens on my SLR without a close-up adapter attached—and it’s reasonably well detailed. As an example, I present the above photograph of this small butterfly—of the sulphur variety—for your scrutiny. I did sharpen the area around the eye a little to bring out more detail, but it did a passing job on its own. I blurred the edges of the image and added a texture to the background just to spice things up a bit.

When I paint, I love to explore what I can do with complementary colors. And I especially appreciate when Nature experiments with her own complementary color palette. Nothing catches the eye better than a yellow butterfly on a sunny day stopping for a drink on a violet wildflower. How can you not turn your head and take a second look?

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