The Hunting Hawk: Is this an Osprey?

Perhaps some ornithologist or bird/raptor enthusiast who might be perusing here will help me confirm the identification of the hawk in these pictures. From my own “hunting,” I believe this to be an osprey. Is this correct? It’s the only hawk that I can find with a similar dark stripe passing over the eye on an otherwise white head.

We saw this mighty hunter hanging out near a reservoir in eastern New Mexico. He caught a breeze and circled overhead as we stood near the water’s edge. I think he was afraid we were competing against him for the same meal.

Thankfully I had my SLR on hand and was able to catch these photos, which I hope are clear enough for identification. Even if you’re stopping by and you’re not sure what kind of raptor this is, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the eyes of a hunter!

5 thoughts on “The Hunting Hawk: Is this an Osprey?

  1. Affirmative! An Osprey! There is tons of them where i live… They are awesome fishers! If you ever get to see some around, take the time to watch their hunting game… Real masters! Good luck! ^.~

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