Storm Chasing: Lightning Gallery

Here you can get a good feel for the structure of the associated storm

Yesterday my husband and I decided to go storm chasing. We didn’t have much severe weather this spring, but fall has been quite a bit more active. Needless to say, we had to take advantage of these favorable atmospheric conditions while we had the chance. And we weren’t disappointed.

There was a tornado reported with this storm. We did get photos and video of a small funnel cloud, but we never visually confirmed whether it was ever on the ground.

But I think, at least photographically, my biggest success of the day was the opportunity to throw down my tripod and catch some phenomenal lightning photos as the sun set and the chase came to an end. This is a very small sample of the many lightning strikes I was able to capture. The storm was so electrically active that the majority of the lightning shots I captured were of multiple simultaneous (or near-simultaneous) strikes. I think it’s safe to say that this was the best night of lightning photography I’ve ever had. (Usually, in the haste to gather equipment for a chase, the tripod is the first thing forgotten. This time I remembered, and it made all the difference!) For most of my lightning shots, I put the camera in “bulb” mode and left the shutter open for many seconds—some as long as half a minute.

I will post more storm photos in a later post.

15 thoughts on “Storm Chasing: Lightning Gallery

  1. Wow, storm chasing ! That’s something I always ( almost ) really wanted to do ! Fantastic Lighting Strikes captures. I get so excited when I see lighting but I am generally told to get away from the window or wherever I may be ;p.

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  6. Love the first shot…and the rest are amazing as well. Lighting strikes are some of my favorite photos…and I have yet to be able to go out and shoot such marvels of nature. It is a must do on my list. Great shots!

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them! They are among my favorites. Lightning is definitely a challenge, unlike anything else I’ve photographed. But when you can get it right–it’s such a satisfying feeling! I hope you do get out soon to experience it for yourself. (And come back and post the results if you do!)

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