A Peek Inside the Narrow Cavern

Here’s another sample from our recent explorations of Palo Duro Canyon. We went off the beaten path a little and visited a few of the caves and small caverns in the park.

The canyon itself was created through significant erosion, and sometimes that erosion isn’t so obvious from the outside. Some of it you have to go a little deeper to find. This picture is an example of some of the “hidden” erosion. It’s a short and narrow cavern, with deep contrasts between the dark corners hidden from the sun and those openings that allow a small window of light to shine through. Since this was taken late in the day, a small slit in the side of the cavern allowed for a shaft of evening sunlight to filter in.

In that contrast between bright and dim there’s mystery, one that is hard to capture with a camera alone. These crevices are meant for on-site visual exploring. Nonetheless, I could hardly resist the urge to do my best to capture a hint of that mystery with my camera.

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