Wolf Spider Creeps…

I hope this “little” guy doesn’t creep you out too much. Though I did find this fine specimen of a wolf spider creeping down my dark hallway yesterday…

I cornered him with my camera while fending off my cats, who would gladly have made a between-meal treat of him. (Of course, only after entertaining themselves by torturing him for three-quarters of an hour first.) Luckily for him, I was more interested in trying to get some macro portraits of him before resubmitting him to the outdoors than making a fine meal of him. It’s a good thing I found him before the cats did!

However, if you look closely, he is missing a leg. So I can’t guarantee that he hadn’t already had a run-in with one of the cats. But he seemed to be pretty agile even with just the seven meager legs.

Since I don’t have a true macro lens or flash, I do a bit of “poor man’s” macro to capture these kinds of close-ups. Not as “tack sharp” (as they say) as I would love to get, but it’s a decent work-around. I use a magnifier on my 50mm prime lens that lets me get closer than I would be able to otherwise. Still good enough to make him seem “larger than life”! (Though he was one of the larger wolf spiders I’ve seen in our house this year.)

8 thoughts on “Wolf Spider Creeps…

    • Yeah, we’ve had quite a few of them this year. Usually my cats are the ones who make the discovery, however, and all I find are the “leftovers.” They’re really pretty harmless, so I don’t mind sharing space with them, and they help control a lot of the smaller pests I really don’t like!

    • True here as well! I tolerate the spiders in particular because they eliminate a lot of the smaller critters that can do harm–like the mosquitoes. There are tarantulas in the area, though I’ve never seen one in town. I think I’d adopt one as a pet if I ever did find one in my house, though!

  1. Nice “macro” work. I have a friend with a great macro lens and I suffer from envy – it’s nice to see such good work done with less expensive tools.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks! Yes, my set-up isn’t perfect, but it does a passable job. And these close-up lenses weren’t expensive at all. Definitely worth the small investment until I can upgrade to a better macro lens.

    • Thanks! I guess it helps that I don’t mind spiders. I’ve even gotten pretty close to get the black widows I’ve photographed. But the close-up lens makes him seem even closer than he really is, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks!

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