Within the Canyon–Bird’s Eye View

Here’s another view of Palo Duro Canyon, this time from within the canyon perimeter itself. But not down deep in the canyon. We descended to the base of the canyon just so we could climb up again to get to this vantage point, taken from the famous Lighthouse formation (partly visible as the towering wall of rock on the left-hand side of the image). This is the level where you are among the ravens, buzzards, and hawks who soar above the canyon floor waiting to spot their meal of choice.

Unlike the panorama posted earlier, this photo was taken at midday. This meant having to deal with some fairly harsh shadows. However, it also meant that the sunlight really deepened the red and yellow hues in the freshly-moistened rock formations, which contrasted beautifully with the clear blue sky. I know a lot of photographers avoid taking their prize photos when the sun is high above, but I still think that it is this time of day is when you can capture the true colors of your subject most dramatically; furthermore, the shadows can help define geologic features, as I think occurs here. Perhaps it is only because I am still a relative neophyte to photography, but I prize capturing and viewing photos from all hours of the day and night.

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