Palo Duro Canyon Panorama

Click for full panoramic view!

Well, if you’re tired of the flower and creature photos I’ve been posting lately, hopefully you’ll be relieved to see this landscape panorama! As with the last couple of posts, this was taken at (or, in this case, above) Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the US (behind the Grand Canyon).

This is a composite of four images taken just after sunset on a clear evening. I missed getting the tripod and camera set up when I really wanted—with the red rocks afire with the setting sun—about ten minutes before this was taken. But this was still a great time to capture the canyon without the glaring highlights and dark shadows that taking it midday would have produced.

Open the panorama in a new window so you can really explore the layers of erosion and the folds of the canyon wall. And I recommend seeing the canyon in person if you ever get the chance! It is truly a geological wonder.


7 thoughts on “Palo Duro Canyon Panorama

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  2. Your kind comment on my new blog prompted me to look at your blog…the photography is lyrical & dramatic…I particularly like the illuminated storm clouds in previous entries…the jewelry is wonderful…you have amazing talent :}

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