Here’s Looking at You, Kid…

Well, If my last post was a little too over the top for you, perhaps this more “ordinary” image will be a nice reprieve. This, as far as I can identify, is an eastern collared lizard, so named because of the black “collar” he wears around his neck. (This feature is not terribly distinct in this image, but you can see it lurking near his front legs.)

This is another creature we encountered during our wanderings through Palo Duro Canyon. He was probably my favorite, perhaps because his coloration stands out in such stark contrast to the red rocks and dirt that make up most of the canyon. (He was also by far the largest of the hundreds of lizards we saw.) I can’t imagine how he can hide very well as a green lizard on red rocks! But he must manage okay if he can be so brazen as to sit on this rock in bright daytime.

I’d love to hear from you! Please leave feedback—even if you notice something awry that my eye has missed. I still have a lot to learn about photography and post-processing, so I welcome constructive criticism!

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