Lunch, Sweet Lunch

This little moth seemed to rather enjoy being the subject of my photo. He never paused in his sustenance-taking even as I drew nearer. Perhaps he was just too hungry and was willing to risk my presence as long as it meant he didn’t have to hunt for another worthy substitute!

I edited this photo a few days ago, but I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to post it. For some reason, I’m just not quite happy with the composition. I worked quite a while to really make sure the detail of the moth “popped” more than it did in the original, while (believe it or not) toning down the flower petals just a little. I tried to add some interesting texture to the background, and this is where I think I went a little too far. I think it’s too distracting. But I’d fallen “out of love” with the picture enough to not want to start all over, so I left it as is. What do you think?

By the way, I took hundreds of photographs of flowers on my latest trip. Enough to last for months. Consider yourself warned: There will be LOTS of flower pictures upcoming, as I slowly work my way through editing them. If you’re sick of flower pictures, I’m afraid my blog may not be what the doctor ordered!

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