Spoonbridge and Cherry

“Spoonbridge and Cherry” is one of the most iconic images representing Minnesota. It is one of a series of diverse sculptures featured in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. There’s good reason it’s one of the favorites of the collection–it’s hard not to be drawn in by its size and color, and the reflecting pool being “bridged” by the sculpture really adds to its charm. (Not to mention the reflection in the cherry itself!)

Unfortunately, when we were there, there were tents busily being erected for an upcoming event. I couldn’t get a good image without the glaring white tents in the background. I had considered trying to remove the background, as I often do in images when I feel the background is too distracting, but I wanted to keep the sky and parts of the skyline visible, so I opted to keep the tents visible.

For those interested in the more technical details, each of these images is a composite of three different photos: one exposed for the foreground, one exposed for the sky, and one exposed for the cherry itself. No single image could correctly expose each of these features. Since I didn’t have a tripod along, I had to auto-bracket while hand-holding my camera. That made for a challenge aligning and combining the three images later while editing! But I think the effort was worth it. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Spoonbridge and Cherry

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