Time, the Destroyer

Oftentimes the truest threat isn’t the one that looms the largest. Despite the fact that this homestead rests below an ancient volcano, it was time instead that sealed its fate. A barren landscaped pockmarked with aged mountaintops and volcanic cones instead of life-bearing forests and rivers is one that even the hardiest will have trouble taming.

This picture was taken last winter in northeastern New Mexico–from an open window of a moving car. If you’ve ever tried to shoot this way, you understand the challenge of not only capturing a well-composed image, but a sharp one as well. I had to do quite a bit of cleaning to make it share-worthy, and of course it’s still far from perfect. For fun I added a starfield to the sky to enhance the other-worldly, mysterious environment.

4 thoughts on “Time, the Destroyer

  1. Love the photo and your effects. I’m impressed that you got such a great shot while traveling–that is difficult. A telephone pole would always come along just when I snapped a pic!

    • Believe me, I’ve got more than my share with those intrusive telephone poles in them as well! I just take a LOT of pictures and eventually one turns out okay (maybe!). I’d still love to have composed this one just a little differently, but it was one of the best I ended up with. Sometimes that’s the fun with “drive by” shots though–you have less control and sometimes you end up with more creative angles than you might have thought to do on your own!

      Thanks for the comment!

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