(Not So) Blue Moon

I’m sure there is no shortage of blue moon pictures from today, but I wanted to share mine along with the rest of the astronomy-loving photo-bloggers out there.  I did get just a little creative, adding some texture to the sky (and a fun frame created from an image of the craters on Mercury) to give it just a little more flair.

Despite the “flat” sky, I wanted to capture a little natural texture that the foreground tree provided, and tried many angles to get the “right” shot. I’m not sure that I discovered that perfect angle, but I thought this one was a good balance between showing enough of the moon’s face that there is still detail while having just a little leaf in front of it to put it into the bigger context of the surrounding trees.

Though we call it a “blue moon,” it is hardly blue in color. Ours was tinged an orange-red, probably because 1) I took it near sunset and 2) we have some remaining smoke in the air from wildfires in the West. Click here to learn a little more about the history of the term and how rare “once in a blue moon” really is.

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