What a Tangled Web We Weave…

If you’ve been following my blog, you might remember I posted not long ago that we’ve been visited lately by black widow spiders. Well, last night I met another. Because I have a camera and I like to document everything, I decided to shoot her making a few poses for me before my husband sent her to spider heaven.

Though I had never seen a black widow before this summer, I’ve already started to recognize them by their web work. Unlike many other spiders, a black widow weaves a particularly tangled web. There aren’t pretty lattices in her nest as there are with most other spiders we get (of the ones that actually spin webs). In fact, it was her tangled web that caught my eye and drew me in for a closer inspection. I knew what I would find before I ever saw her.

Since a picture of a lone spider in her tangled web just isn’t really all that interesting in and of itself, I decided to take a lot of creative liberty with this one. I removed her and part of her web from the background and played with various textures. You might be surprised that the background comes from manipulating an image of a distant nebula. The moon is from a photo I took of the Supermoon earlier this year, which I converted into a brush and played with until I got the desired effect. The rest of the features were created from a combination of textures and brushes I used for the final details. This was a lot of fun, as creating it used a lot of recently-discovered techniques. I’m learning something new every day!

5 thoughts on “What a Tangled Web We Weave…

  1. What program did you use for the photo manipulation? Are you working in Photoshop or something else? (or are you going old school and doing this all in a dark room.) How ever you did it, bravo! This is lovely.

    • I use Photoshop Elements. This one was one of my more experimental pieces. The only things left from the original photo are the spider and parts of the web. The rest is “brush” work, using brushes I got on the internet or made myself, and textures. (I’ve really fallen in love with textures lately!) I’m really glad you enjoyed it! It’s one of my favorites, and I had a lot of fun experimenting to get the effect I did.

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