I’ve dug into the archives again, finding this oldie but goodie from a camping adventure a couple of autumns ago. The days were shortening, the sun hanging lower in the sky than it had during the generous days of summer. I remember being mesmerized by how the native grasses were set aglow by the late afternoon sun. I had trouble capturing the moment with my camera (it was much easier to trap it in my memory), but I’ve tried as best I can to recreate the magic here.

There’s a reason they call the times near sunrise and sunset the “golden hours.” After all, there’s something golden about the way the sun kisses the vegetation, the transparent nature of leaves and grasses creating the illusion that they possess their own ability to shine like the sun.

I decided to step back and take a little less creative liberty with this photo than I have with others lately. I think the nature of the scene offers its own unique beauty, and I couldn’t find an adequate reason to alter it too much from the true magic of the moment as I’ve remembered it for nearly two years.

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