Imagine taking flight. Imagine outstretching your wings, scoffing gravity, and soaring above the landscape you have only ever trodden over with laboring footsteps.

While I may never know that feeling, scaling a mountain that towers over surrounding geographic wonders has given me some sense of what it’s like to be airborne. (The lower levels of oxygen at more than 14,000 feet doesn’t hurt the delusion, either!) I’ve taken a few creative liberties with the photo above in order to offer a little of that illusion.

Since we were forced to cancel our big yearly trek to the mountains this summer, I had to dig into the archives to produce this photo. It was taken last summer from the top of Mt. Democrat in Colorado, one of the easier “14er’s” in the state to hike. On a single day, you can scale up to four 14,000+ foot peaks in a single day. (We had to settle for scaling three that day, because one was closed for mining.) It’s hard work to get that far up toward the heavens, but the effort is definitely worth it for views like this.

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