Shining Through the Drought

It’s sometimes hard to make a garden really shine around here, especially over these past two drought-stricken summers we’ve had. But one plant that seems to love the heat (as long as you give it a little water now and then) is the cactus.

This is one I’ve had a couple of years now, and it has rewarded me with cycles of short-lived but effervescent blooms. These flowers are among my favorite of those that manage to thrive in our yard. They’re not just colorful–they glow. Your eye might be tricked into believing that they somehow produce their own light. I’ve tried to paint these blooms with little success, and photographs hardly capture their delicate beauty. (It’s hard to fathom that something so fragile could come from something as hardy as a cactus!) But I always try nonetheless.

This was another experiment in adding texture and playing with layers to achieve certain effects. I think I still have a long way to get to where I’d really like to be with creative post-processing, but I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting lately.


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