A Rose by Any Other Color…

I thought I’d have some fun experimenting with a “boring” picture of a red rose I took a few months ago. I enhanced the natural texture of the rose itself, changed the background, and just tried to make the subject a little more interesting in general (hopefully, without overdoing it too much).

In addition, I experimented with changing the color of the rose itself. Here is essentially the same treatment, except the rose is now yellow (and I changed the background colors as well):

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the final products. Which do you like better? Is it acceptable to alter the subject’s color like this, or is it true that a rose by any other color just isn’t the same?

2 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Color…

  1. Thanks! I do think I prefer the red as well.

    Glad you like the texture! I spent a while tweaking the image to really show off the veins of the flower petals. To me, at least, it made the rose much more interesting to look at.

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