Polymer Clay Jewelry Set–Turquoise Birthday Surprise

The entire set; includes necklace, bracelet and earrings

This is the necklace with the polymer clay pendant attached. Note the large clasp used here as a bail.

The entire necklace with pendant attached. The permanent tiger-eye pendant (as seen in the first image) sits on the back of the neck when the pendant is attached to the necklace.

Close-up of the matching bracelet

Close-up of the matching earrings

Here is a matching set of jewelry that I made for my mother’s recent birthday. The primary stone in the composition is turquoise, bought during a recent trip to Santa Fe, NM. Not only are the (more traditionally-colored) “turquoise” rondelle stones turquoise, but so also are the larger greenish-yellow barrel-shaped stones. I was thrilled to find turquoise in these unexpected colors, and couldn’t wait to get home and create something unique with them! In addition to turquoise, I used hematite and jasper to the design for added dimension and color depth. The necklace also includes a round tiger-eye stone as its “permanent” pendant.

Unlike the other pieces I have created and exhibited on the blog, none of these pieces contains polymer clay beads. I decided to stick with the gemstones to compose these pieces in a more traditional arrangement.

That does not mean, however, that the creation has no polymer clay component at all! I wanted to make the necklace as versatile as possible, and I dreamed up the design in a way that would allow the wearer to choose to don it either as a more traditional piece (sans polymer clay) or with a little hand-crafted flair. I found a large sterling silver clasp to use on my design. If the wearer wants the simpler tiger-eye piece as the pendant, then the clasp sits on the back of the neck. However, the clasp is large enough to be used as a sort of bail. In that case, the necklace is rotated 180 degrees and a pendant can be hung from the clasp (as seen in the second image). To achieve this look, I created a Southwestern-inspired pendant from polymer clay. The necklace in its entirety is displayed in the third image to give you an idea of what the finished piece looks like.

To complete the design, I created coordinating earrings and bracelet. Because my mother does not have pierced ears, the earrings are clip-on.

I really enjoyed creating this piece, and I love the versatility it offers. I plan to create many more like this in the future!

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