Polymer Clay Jewelry Set 4: Startling

Pendant shaped like an eye, on a chain. Metal leaf was used for the iris, and resin was added to make it shine.

Pair of earrings shaped like eyeballs. While not created to match the pendant, they–like the pendant–were inspired by the urge to spook those who met their gaze…

This is probably the spookiest line of polymer clay jewelry I have made. They were one of my first projects, and still remain one of my favorites!

Yes, they were created in time for Halloween last year. And they did their job! (The pendant in particular disquieted a number of my companions.) The eyeball earrings were mixed with a small amount of glow-in-the-dark clay, so they can watch you even at night!

The pendant is a mixture of clay, metal leaf, and resin. Glitter and other inclusions were added to the irises of the eyeball earrings to give them a little more life.

I’m already planning to make a few additions to my “spooky” line so I can startle a few more people this Halloween!

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