Polymer Clay Jewelry Set 3–Floral Cane Beads

The set includes a simple necklace and matching earrings

Close-up of the beads that were combined with bead caps and small Swarovski crystals to create the pendant.

Close-up of the dainty earrings, composed to match the necklace

I think a lot of polymer clay artists start with “caning,” and I was no exception. (It was the perfect “gateway” technique to my now-favorite–the modified Mokume Gane I used to make the sets in my previous posts.)

This is an early example of my cane work, done with Fimo clay. (I find it a little better for building canes than Premo Sculpey, which I use more for the Mokume Gane.) I didn’t string the beads until fairly recently, as I wasn’t really sure what to do with the simple round and oval beads. I played around with various compositions and combinations with other beads and findings until I came up with the design seen on the necklace, and then I created the earrings to match. While it’s a much simpler design than the others I’ve shown so far, I think the minimal use of accent beads really allows the beauty of the flower cane to speak for itself.

If you’re not sure what caning is, it’s one of many polymer clay technique borrowed from another medium. In this case, glass-blowing. You basically start with a design in clay that’s fairly large and “reduce” it until you have a snake-like roll of clay. When you slice the snake, if done correctly, you should have a miniature version of your original design.

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