The Living Dead

They’re coming for you–you can’t hide! The dark is no kind of refuge from the glowing bodies of the Living Dead!

We were driving home last night and there were storms in the area. I was hoping to get a few more lightning shots, but I didn’t have my good camera–much less my tripod–along. So I started experimenting with my point-and-shoot camera to see if I could find a way to take some long-exposure lightning shots.

While it’s frustrating to not have full control of your camera (at least when you’re used to having manual everything), a camera with limitations can force you to get creative. And that’s what happened here.

No, to answer your question, I didn’t get any good lightning shots. We were never close enough to the storms. But I did get some cool pictures as a result of my creative manipulation of my point-and-shoot. This example is a merging of two of those shots. This one is particularly eerie to me, reminiscent of ghoulish spirits who haunt the streets at night. If I didn’t know better, I’d recommend turning around and running the other way from these ghosts-of-light. I’m just not sure where you’d be able to hide from them?

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