Corn Shucking Time!

Where my husband is from, the folks have a saying: “Knee high by the Fourth of July.” Corn is king there, and the progress of the corn crops in the summer is everyone’s business. Back in the good ol’ days, a good season meant that the corn stalks were, you guessed it, knee high by early July.

We, like many in North America, had an early spring (and mild winter) this year. That meant the garden–including the corn–went in sooner than normal. And rather than knee-high, the corn was already being plucked (and shucked) by the Fourth of July. A process made all the better when done to Disco Music!

So, I hope everyone is preparing to shuck shuck shuck your corn and enjoy some tasty summer freshness. Nothing beats veggies straight from the yard to your dinner plate!


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