Polymer Clay Jewelry Set 1–“Jungle”

The entire set: Tiger pendant necklace (center), matching bracelet (left), and matching earrings (right).

Necklace close-up

I like to make sure the backs of the pendants have a little flair as well!

Bracelet close-up

A pair of earrings (different from the one in the first picture) made from the same “block” of clay. These are a little more elegant and artistically sculptured.

Another set of earrings made from the same clay. This was an experiment and meant to be a little more “whimsical”

Here is the first “sample” of my handcrafted jewelry. This is probably the boldest design I’ve made, inspired by my love of big cats and exotic prints.

The pendant and large accent beads of the necklace, along with the primary beads of the bracelet and earrings, were formed from polymer clay. They were created using a sort of technique loosely based on the Mokume Gane technique of metalworking.

In this process, I take different colors of clay and layer them. (I also sometimes add metal leaf and other media between or mixed into the layers of clay.) I press designs into the block of clay and “torture” it in ways that create the effect you see. In this example, I was even able to fashion a tiger face from the clay, which you can see on the pendant itself. The rest more or less resemble stripes and spots–like those on tigers and other wild cats.

The clay must be fired before it can be strung. I also sand and polish it before I consider it “jewelry ready.” I mix the clay beads and pendants with more traditional beads to form the finished pieces.

My experience with photography is almost exclusively outdoor/natural lighting, so the use of the photo tent and external lamps here was a first for me. I had some trouble getting the lighting the way I wanted. Hopefully I will gain a little more mastery on lighting as I get more practice. Nonetheless, I hope I was able to capture a bit of the whimsy and uniqueness of my fledgling art.

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