Raise your Paw if you need some “Aww!”

That’s Castor “speaking” and Pollux trying to decipher.

How’s that for a load of “Aww!”? Kubie is the Bengal being used as a mattress. Castor is on the left, Pollux on the right.

Castor (left) and Pollux (right) were subjected to math and science at an early age. The shreds of paper are evidence of how they felt about that.

Castor (tail) on right; Pollux on left in background

Castor and Pollux get philosophical. Here you can clearly see Pollux is lacking a tail (lower rung).

Kubie the Bengal “mothering” little Pollux.

Castor (left) and Pollux (right) a little older. (But still cute!)

Even after more than five years, Castor and Pollux still like to get cute and cuddle!

This post celebrates the joy that a pair of rescued kitties has brought to my life.

Castor and Pollux were left by their feline mommy on a grill in our backyard during a harsh winter storm. They were completely feral. After a lot of travail, we captured them and brought them into our warm house. They still have their “wild” moments, but overall they have grown into happy housekitties.

They may look like identical twins on first blush, but a closer inspection shows one very crucial difference: Castor has a tail and Pollux does not. Their feline mommy also lacked a tail. They are Manx cats. Because of his shortened spinal cord, Pollux has had some significant health problems, and he had to have a couple of surgeries as a kitten. He is on a special diet and takes medicine twice a day. But you would hardly know he’s ever had any problems when you meet him. As I like to say, what he lacks in tail he makes up for in personality!

Check it out here if you’d like to see the twins in action!

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