Lightning Series

Crash! Boom! Bam! We had quite the show tonight. I finally got a few decent lightning shots–those elusive photographs that require more patience than I often have. (And a tripod–which I’m often too lazy to carry outside!)

The “fuzziness” of the trees in the photos is due to the longer exposure needed to capture the lightning. The wind from the storms blew the limbs around and created some “ghost” images. They add a bit to the mystique of the pictures, I think.

4 thoughts on “Lightning Series

  1. Wow, Fantastic photographs, I really like lighting. When I try to take a picture, I get told to get back from the window and that is from inside = ).

    • Thanks! Admittedly, I probably got a little closer than I should have. But it was worth it! These are probably the first really nice pictures I have taken of lightning.

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