Transit of Venus–Composite

This is a sampling of a few of the images I took of the sun during the recent transit of Venus.  The top left photo was snapped just as the transit began, with Venus appearing as a simple “notch” on the edge of the sun. At the time, the sun was still overhead and shining clearly. On the second image, to its right, Venus is a tiny dot almost completely lost in the glare of the bright overhead sun.

As the sun completed its daily procession toward the horizon, Venus became clearer and the apparent color of the sun deepened from bright yellow-white to a darker orange-red. You can see this evolution in the pictures. The final image in the progression is the central picture, taken moments before we lost our view of the sun to a large cloud. You can see the sun passing behind smaller clouds in the third image (lower left)–a little taste of the bigger cloud ready to completely “swallow” the sun.

(I don’t have a special solar filter for my lens–only a polarizing filter–so I had to depend on atmospheric effects to filter the sun’s light and capture Venus clearly. This effect helped so much that in the final two images you can even see sunspots!)

2 thoughts on “Transit of Venus–Composite

  1. Wow, now I completely missed this event but it’s great to see what happened now. Great captures = )

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