Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


I was feeling pretty lazy when I saw the challenge and thought, “Not today!” But I got a spark and decided to pull out my lens reversing adapter ring and do some experimenting with the flowers in the yard before sunset. (Along with a few other random household items.)

This is a columbine, one of many struggling to survive in our yard now that the heat of summer is in full swing.

I don’t have a true macro lens, so I adapt. The lens reversing adapter ring allows me to “flip” my 50mm lens to get some nice close-ups. I can’t get sharp images, but I don’t mind the soft edges this technique offers for flower and other plant photography. It takes a lot of luck to get the area you want in focus, as I find what’s in focus in the view finder doesn’t always correlate with what’s focused in the image itself. But it’s fun for the occasional experimenting.

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